we deliver daily, anywhere in the world, over 130.000 packages. 

We keep up with the new trends in technology, constantly investing in both new services with added value for customers and the development and improvement of those who represent us, couriers who care that all deliveries arrive in the best conditions at the destination.

100% Coverage

WE have 100% coverage National And Internationally

We have national coverage of 100%, 128 branches throughout the country and a fleet of over 3,100 vehicles, always ready to reach any point in in the World in a short time.
Year after year, the number of localities included without additional kilometers increases, our shipping services being available both nationally and internationally through strong partnerships.

With confidence, towards the future

Every day, over a hundred thousand packages are carefully packed and handed over to the couriers to carry them forward to partners, friends and loved ones. We travel through the world together and with each delivery we carry forward the messages which are separated by distances. Where do you want to send the next shipment?

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